Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Holidays.. AGAIN!

HiHo HiHo Its off to mad i go......

Ok, dont get me wrong, i DO love my kids, its just that they have the ability to drive me INSANE during school holidays.. at 9 and 11 you would think they could entertain themselves.. but NO.  I spose the only grace is i dont live in one of the countries that have the whole summer off  : |

Thanks to retromummy i have a banana cake cooking in the oven and it smells DEVINE.. The Dodgy Husband was impressed with the house smelling so good at 9am when he got home from work too, such a win win ;) 

Now that Spring is here my world is coming alive again, with markets coming almost every weekend from 5th Oct onwards. That also brings alot of work to do! But as part of my world coming alive i have decided to add one more challenge to my to do list, and thats A BLOG ENTRY A DAY, at leeaasst for the 2 weeks of school holidays, i can disguise it as "shhhh, mums working" and maybe get some peace whilst im at it :D

Yup, Australia's worse blogger has set the impossible.. hey, no bets on how long it takes to fail :P

Inspired by the melt and mix banana bread recipe tried today, tomorrows post will include the BEST melt and mix chocolate cake EVER... stay tuned, have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine!!

I smell my cake ready... aaahhhhhhhh


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