Saturday, August 7, 2010

Australias worst blogger.....


no really i think everyday 'update your blog Jo!' and nada ever happens...   I mean its not like i only have a minute to be on the pc each day, to tell the truth i spend waaaayy to much time on the damn pc, so whats my excuse?? I guess i really dont have one... la la la la

Whilst i may be the worst blogger, i do believe i am the best shopper!  lol   And op shops are my favourite... The other day the local op was calling, so i answered, and was rewarded with this insanley adorable 50's sewing table!!

I know i know, the mess!! but, i am working in a space smaller than a broom closet at the moment ... but, dont look at the mess, look at my gorgeous table!  I am in love with it...

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