Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Dodgy Housewife ~ Formerly known as Lil SewnSew

Hi and welcome to the blog of JoJo, The Dodgy Housewife!

For a long time now it has been an inside joke that i am well basically a dodgy housewife. more decorative than functional, would much rather be doing ANYTHING than cleaning, i might look the part but thats the extent of it  lol

For the last 30 years (or as long as i can remember) i have been obsessed with the 50's era. I remember my grand mothers beautiful things and vowed they would one day be mine. While i can not pull off the look my self as so many others do fantasticly i enjoy all aspects of style and design form the era.

For the last year and a bit i have been obsessed with sewing.. so combine both of these and The Dodgy Housewife was born!